An Overview

In software and IT services, exposure threats are exiting in various domains, including technology errors and omissions (E&O), management/directors and officers liability, property damage, business interruption, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

NS Global let the Technology customers manage these threats with following services:

    • Industry risk diagnostics.
    • Errors and omissions (E&O) advisory.
    • Business interruption risk reviews.
    • Management liability consultancy.
    • M&A due diligence.
    • Multinational consultancy.
    • Influence is an integrated piece in the technology domain. But today, as things are changing rapidly, organizations have an unparallel opportunity to reequip again, excel in efficiency and become tomorrow’s influencer.
    • But for most of the companies, these changes should be in increasing order. While growing opportunity must start today itself but it must be satisfying for today’s need.
    • Our technology experts are helping organizations improve to become tomorrow’s influencers.

NS Global Cyber Security Services available for the technology industry

Writing secure software can be an easy task in itself. Most of the organizations already employe practices of quality control and testing in their organization and this can be a great start.
Through our software consultation, we review the business thoroughly and help them to solve software security issues completely. We put efforts in monitoring Software Development Lifecycle, your coding standards, your actual code, all the way to the running process.
We came to this conclusion after our years of experience with corporate security issues; If a company is recursively struggling with security issues, there are a right amount of chances that it is rising from their development life cycle which is a fundamental problem.
For the above reason, we comply with security experts to provide approach advice and close consultation over the whole development path, not only information security. The partners that we have chosen are well equipped and experienced with secure coding and possess working experience web applications security issues. In this whole process of enhancing your SDLC, you’ll also be taking down security to the origin point too.

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