The cyber defense and security of retail industries are under increasing observation and examination.
A retailer’s holdings are easy alluring targets for the cybercriminals to exploit. From personal consumer details to
their financial information could be easily used for cyber-crime.


The fast growth and development in the field of online retail together with in-store technology, made some susceptibilities for the cybercriminals to exploit.
The beautiful detailed complexed supply chain is also ground laying part of retail. These are not only difficult to manage but more often they also have access to the retailer’s systems. The 2014 target attack is probably a significant attack on the supply chain. The attackers gained a firm grip on contractor’s network and which has provided a simplified method for protection measures which are often less intricate.
Evaluation of the security capabilities of the third business partners has appeared to be the antecedence of the number of retail and consumer companies. In-store payments are also in a state of progression. The card payment method has become outdated and has been the reason behind many contraventions worldwide.
With the advanced use of technology has become critical for all the retailers to fascinate and retain the consumers, effective and efficient security approach are turning more critical than ever before.
The effective strategy of security must constitute the actual address, as averse to merely observed threats. Abrasion of online customers must be directly opposed.

The development in the sector of online retails including both high street and web presence. As the threats on the internet are diverse from cybersquatting to the phishing and watering hole attacks are threatening the retailers and their consumers into risk.

  • The retail environment technology has been revolutionized, increasing the risk towards personal as well as sensitive information and reputation. While the security of online retailers and ePOS became advanced over the time. Criminals are always looking for the loops in the security system and new ways to break into the security measures. The advancement in social media has also exposed to new threats.
  • The range of data security system detect all types of threats and also provide a clear picture to take future actions by advising on the method of protection which could be used to deal with the existing threats. We have years of experience in testing ePOS systems, online catalogs, eCommerce systems, call centers, user experience applications and social media systems
  • We also good command over payment security council(PCI) data security standards(DSS) concerning cardholder information.

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