Oil & Gas

The industry for oil and gas is one of the major targets for the criminals of the cyber net.
This threat is increasing rapidly as further infrastructures are being linked with the internet.
The effect can be shocking as well as long-lived to the essential commerc ial transaction.

The cyber environment of oil & gas Sector

With reference to cybersecurity, oil & gas industry is a fast developing sector. Targeted attacks from sophisticated Malware like Stuxnet and Flame had forced the companies to take up security measures regarding cyber net seriously. Rectification would need financial and planned investment. The internet threats, nowadays, are recurring pre-planned achieving their goals frequently. Paramount Energy companies encounter a range of challenges, which can forestall their consideration. There is a requirement for uninterrupted services, mounting regulations, replacement of old engineering controls with smart meters devices. As the energy sector is, being dependable more and more on an uninterrupted network as their machinery are controlled through it remotely. It escalates a huge risk for the attack area that hackers can make use of is also growing rapidly. It includes shut down of plants remotely or interruption of supplies as a part of Infrastructure terrorism.

The oil and gas sector inseparable aspect of human lives and so shielding its crucial supply network is essential. A successful cyber attack could have a devastating effect. The risk of hacktivism has increased over the last few years. It started with websites getting offline under the attacks of low-level DDoS, but now-a-days the risk has multiplied as the critical systems are being directly attacked by Large DDoS − overloading them which could create a malfunction in crucial infrastructure.

After exploiting a system, wide-open security crack could give hackers the potential scope to tear down the infrastructure, generating extensive disorder and even jeopardize lives by changing the physical systems for automation of a industry.

NS Global Cyber Security Consultancy Services

  • Advisor on the industrial system for control equipment, hosts and services–
    A thorough analysis of each and every security, relevant equipment, operations, and hosts.
  • Analysis of network design for Industrial Control System (ICS) environments –
    NS Global proposes analysis on specialist network architecture & design against the demanding environment for operational in this sector.

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