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With such a large number of news declaring businesses getting breached by cyber security nowadays, you without a doubt have an uplifted attention to the need to ensure your organization by securing your information. Our information security counselling practice is one of only a handful not many that can deliver all the segments of an extensive information security framework.

Amongst our services for Strategy Assessment and Remediation, we convey an all-encompassing information security strategy that enables you to better deal with the security, protection, and compliance risks of your organisation’s data.

Information Security Consultancy Services:

  • Information Security Assessments to break down the current progress of your information security program, and additionally recognize holes, shortcomings, and open doors for change and improvement.
  • Information Security Strategy and Design to give you an enhanced and superior security posture.
  • Virtual CISO, which furnishes you with far reaching aptitude required for incident response, compliance and the latest threat intelligence to address information security flaws and execute actionable mitigation strategies.
  • Data Governance, helping you handle progressively substantial volumes of information and the related regulations, controls and disposition plans.

Information Security Consultancy Services:

  • Provides the board with more prominent perceivability on potential cyber risks
  • Offers strategy and direction for continuous progress
  • Reducing the quantity of cyber risks impact on businesses
  • Reducing the expenses emerging from these risks.

Cyber Strategy Services

Cyber security threats are unavoidable and flighty. Corporate organisations must have a cyber security processes to manage risks to forestall future potential breaches and alleviate their effect.

NS Global helps firms in building up a enhanced and bespoke Cyber Strategy that adjusts people, processes and technology innovation with business needs and risks.

Outlining a cyber security methodology is unpredictable errand for most firms as it must address a dynamic situation. NS Global experts work to make a digital security technique to make operational efficiencies, most extreme profit for innovation ventures, and more noteworthy information insurance.

NS Global can build up a cyber security strategy that:

  • NS Global can build up a cyber security strategy that:
  • Establish and safeguard businesses key assets
  • Work on creating a Business security Roadmap and enhance the posture by introducing security maturity
  • Prescribe best practices to enable firms to more readily execute their security program

Data Protection / Privacy

Associations that gather, process, break down or share individual information surely confront noteworthy data protection challenges. If not managed accurately, it puts the firm and the information at major risk.

Individual information gathering and use, with expanded control and new security risks, made a one of a kind tests for many businesses. In the event that they don’t have an arrangement to manage the noteworthy worldwide data privacy laws and regulations such as GDPR, they could be presenting themselves to huge business risks.

With regards to information security, NS Global can help firms by:

  • Devising projects to secure brand reputation, corporate image and customer trust
  • Design direction documentation, including privacy policies and privacy operating processes.
  • Assist with the consistence of neighbourhood, national and worldwide privacy regulations and requirements
  • Authenticate, graph the procedure and collate all the information point by point through an information stream outlined flow diagram.

Security Policies & Procedures

An association’s data security strategies and methods make the guide for executing safety efforts to safeguard its data assets. Each business should know about the affectability of its data and their duties regarding protecting it. Powerful information security strategies and methodology set the security tone for the whole association and makes individuals mindful of what is anticipated from them.
NS Global specialists create data security approaches and methods ISO 27001, a universally acknowledged standard. Policies developed in such a way bolster the frameworks required for all information security purposes.
The NS Global process for Information security approach and methodology advancement administrations incorporates:

  • Understanding business goals and all compliance requirements
  • Defined regions of arrangement of security prerequisites with business processes
  • Development of the company’s policies and processes
  • Define occasional policy tuning and use case assessment

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