Disaster Recovery

“NS Global Consulting is a boutique consultancy specialising in bespoke Business Continuity and Crisis Management services to clients in the UK and globally that are aligned with their business drivers and IT solutions”

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Good reasons why clients work with NS Global Consulting?

  • Our services are a set of practical and affordable solutions that are tailored to elevate you to industry best practice whilst transferring knowledge to your staff and causing no business impact.
  • Whilst gathering insight on your business we create a resilient BCMS.
  • Enable you to get to compliance and provide further support.
  • Proven fit for purpose business continuity plans that are tailored for relevant business sizes.
  • We are agile, our team of experts are friendly and will guide you throughout the journey.

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Disaster Recovery

NS Global Consulting give a full scope of Disaster Recovery services to their customers. The key areas we have helped customers with include:

  • Helping customers spare money by making sure that their Disaster Recovery arrangement is connected to whole business wide agreed recuperation levels.
  • Reviewing the outcome of the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) against the current disaster recovery provision, highlighting to the customer recognized gaps.
  • Working with the business special units to make them mindful of existing data backup provision and working with them to agree Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)for applications across the whole business.
  • Working with IT work force to enable them to build up their incident response plans and guaranteeing that they are incorporated with the association’s Business Continuity response.
  • Bringing together IT infrastructure users to agree recovery prioritisation.
  • Reviewing existing and followed by giving alternative backup options and comprehensively looking at the customer’s Disaster Recovery strategy.

The NS Global Approach

NS Globalis a boutique consultancy giving Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery planning. Our specialists work with customers to prepare so that if something turns out badly which impacts on day to day business routine, they will know how to react and similarly as vitally how to recover their business-critical services.Fire, surge, digital assaults, influenza, the rundown of situations is interminable. The capacity to respond rapidly and proficiently is extremely valuable in consoling staff, clients and partners alike that you can keep on meeting your commitments despite difficulty. Our customers originate from an extensive variety of ventures from both private and public sectors and of every kind imaginable. Each project is overseen by the lead consultant from start to finish as per best practice. Similarly, we work with customers on discrete components whether that is giving the advantage of our experience and autonomous direction or simply imparting the workload to the internal project team. To witness how NS Global’s projects function practically, if it’s not too much trouble call and investigate our expertise.

NS Global offers a full range of BC and IT DR services including

Continuity & Recovery Plans
Exercises & Tests
Training & Awareness
ISO Certification
SME Planning Packages

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

IT Disaster Recovery (DR), otherwise called ICT Service Continuity, includes the development, implementation and testing of resilience measures and recovery strategies to guarantee that the base IT, information and communications prerequisites of business clients will dependably be fulfilled.

NS Global experts are regularly requested to get associated with customer DR projects for at least one of the accompanying reasons:

  • The IT director will have a truly smart plan of what his/her department needs to do, however needs autonomous assurance to demonstrate to the management that the asset speculation is completely justified.
  • The IT director is uncertain whether full resilience of services/data or a gradual recovery is proper and needs support encouraging the analysis and planning process to guarantee pertinent solutions are recognized and DR exercises are found out from associations that have performed similar projects.
  • The business has given practically no bearing in regard of their asset recovery needs or prerequisites and help is required to acquire their shopping rundown of necessities, so the IT office can gain ground with planning appropriate recovery strategies to fulfil these.
  • There is just a constrained spending budget accessible to execute DR and autonomous input is required on how this can be accomplished in a practical way
  • There is no internal asset accessible with adequate experience to deal with the DR project within the timescales accessible

Contingent on necessities, NS Global advisors can be engaged with qualifying the project and in addition particular components of venture, for instance:

  • IT Gap Analysis
  • IT Recovery Strategy Development
  • IT DR Plan Development
  • IT DR Tests

We can also provide guidance on appropriate solution implementation, awareness and maintenance processes as well as provide project support/management throughout the project and on an ongoing basis.

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