Cyber Security Training & Awareness

Our Cyber Security Awareness program has been created to furnish Board level executives and staff with a general comprehension of the potential threats to cyber /information security that they confront, assist them with recognizing the risks and vulnerabilities to their organization’s data resources, and react to them properly including itemizing the countermeasures that can be received.
The program has been created on a measured premise utilizing components from our profoundly respected hands-on specialized instructional classes notwithstanding materials delivered exclusively for the program. Every module shifts long between 30 minutes to an hour however each can be custom fitted or consolidated to give businesses a program that best suits their necessities.

Modules available include:

The Evolving Threat landscape

This module provides an overview of cyber threat landscape faced by organisations, outlining the impacts of cyber security incidents as well as tactics and strategies to aid cyber defence.

People Risk / Insider Threat

This module looks at the weakest security link in any organisation – its people. Most organisations have good technology, but people often bypass controls or forget procedures. Guidance will be provided on how to help people do the right thing, and deterring or detecting malicious intent.

Passwords And Password Management

Passwords are the keys to your sensitive data when using websites, email accounts and your computer itself (via User Accounts). This module is designed to provide users with an understanding of the importance of strong passwords along with some simple techniques to assist users in choosing and managing their passwords.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

This module introduces users to the growing trend of BYOD, analysing the Pros and Cons as well as providing guidance on BYOD policy considerations.

Safe internet use

While the internet offers us many benefits, this module is designed to highlight that there are a number of risks associated with going online – some general and some specific to the respective activities that you’re undertaking – including threats to the integrity of our identity, privacy and the security of our financial transactions.

Online and mobile banking

Online banking is becoming ever more popular and most importantly it’s convenient and reasonably safe – as long as you take reasonable precautions as detailed in this module..

Online shopping

This module identifies the steps that should be taken to make sure that you are shopping safely

Social networking

Social media has revolutionised the way we communicate with others. We can now talk one-to-one or to large groups of people at once from the convenience of our computer or mobile device. This module identifies the ways in which ID fraudsters harvest sensitive information from these services and provides best practices to mitigate them.

An introduction to hacking

This module introduces the basic technical concepts behind the various stages of a hacking attack, as well as some common tools and techniques used by hackers and security professionals alike.

Phishing attacks

This module takes a detailed look at what phishing is, why it poses a threat and how users can minimise their exposure to phishing attacks.

Social Engineering

This module looks at what social engineering is, who or what are social engineers, what they want, how they get it, and how to stop them

Using wireless networks

This module provides an overview of the unsecure nature of wireless networks and how that risk can be mitigated.

Antivirus software and installing updates

This module explains why it is necessary to install antivirus software and patches.


This module introduces PCI DSS, all the significant bits about the regulation.

Home and Mobile Working

This module explores the potential threats of working remotely and provides guidance and best practices.


This module explores, what is and are the types of malware and what should you do if you’re infected.

Physical security

This module highlights the importance of physical security as part of an overall information security strategy and the risks of not considering it – be it as simple as locking your doors and desk/file cabinet drawers, and a clear desk policy.

Removable Media

This module explores the benefits of limiting the use of removable media and producing policy to support this.

Why do you need Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Our Cyber Security Awareness Training bundle is an extraordinary method to enable you to end up be more cyber aware and comply with any industry regulations. Driven by Expert, the courses instruct an extensive variety of points including how to master the art of creating safe passwords, the significance of successfully backing up data and what to do should there be an occurrence of a security breach.

  • To ensure you have powerful cyber security strategies set up in your organisation
  • Comply with any regulations or industry standards.
  • And your staff recognize what to do in case of a security incident.

Who is Cyber Security Awareness Training for?

Cyber Security Awareness Training is suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. NS Global consultants educates employees at organisations in both the private and public sector, from 5 users to upwards of 70,000 users, including:

  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Large private sector organisations
  • Local and central governments
  • Public sector organisations

Key Benefits

Our cyber security workshop trains you how to be more cyber security cognizant through a progression of engaging and drawing learning module. It just takes one individual to cause a security breach, that is the reason our modules are intended to convey fundamental cyber security information in crystal and precise manner.

Create a quantifiable change to your organisation’s demeanor towards cyber security

  • Reduce the danger of a security incident
  • Ensure that you realize what strategies to follow in case of a security breach
  • Efficient learning with our nibble estimated Learning modules that diminishes staff down-time
  • Ensure consistency with ISO 27001 requirements
  • Instil appropriate conduct in to the general population who come in to contact with your significant business assets
  • Protect your corporate image and brand reputation whilst you dodge the subsequent media focus.

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