Tier 1 Bank

Technology Governance Strategy Alignment

NS Global worked with the Client’s SMEs and Business Leads to distinguish which of the overarching organisational goals and target metrics could be supported through technology transformation.


Our client has to contend with a host of new pressures, challenges and risks. Held ever more accountable for their organisation’s cyber resilience and vitality, they must also set its strategic direction, often across diverse product markets and geographies, while evaluating the performance of the C-Level and board directors, as well as monitoring the client’s overall risk governance profile.


Organisation Governance Risk Evaluation

NS Global worked with the Client’s SMEs and Business Leads to distinguish which of the overarching organisational goals and target metrics could be supported through technology transformation. NS Global's approach is to always support human capital and resource optimisation, which consists of 360-degree gap analysis and an evaluation road map.

Build of Technology Target State and Governance

NS Global worked with the Client to build a clear illustration of the technology governance target state, detailing the target operating model, architecture and application landscape. NS Global built an additional governance check to ensure all major change programmes had a target state blueprint that mapped back to the overarching technology target state. A recommendation was made to require key programme milestones to demonstrate how they were moving the current state towards the target state in order to meet regulatory compliance and corporate board assurance.

Design Governance KPIs Benchmarking and Monitoring Mechanism

NS Global built a benchmarking and monitoring system of cascading metrics (Key Performance Indicators, which were made up of more granular KPIs) and recommended that future programme benefit cases be linked to one of the most granular metrics as part of an industry competitive advantage and Governance improvement process for change programmes.

Processes and Controls Automation

NS Global built automated tools which linked to the Client’s golden source for reporting to monitor progress against the cascading KPIs. NS Global facilitated calls between the Client’s senior and middle management to align their future plans with the technology strategy as a basis for future planning using the output from the automation process. The metrics to control and report on progress for the target operating model included: corporate title pyramid, span of control, geographic loading, vendors assurance and roles architectures. The automation for the transformational roadmap which showed milestones, dependencies, risks and issues became a key input to assess a transformational programme’s health and determine the required remediation action.

The Result

The initial technology governance strategy alignment led to a clearer understanding of how the technology organisation needed to change and resulted in the cancellation of a number of misaligned transformational programmes saving the Client tens of millions of euros. The framework, policies, processes, controls and tools implemented allowed for a controlled and measured transition to the target state with a major change in the Client’s transformational governance. There have been no further statements from the Client’s regulator regarding their change governance process and clear progress can be demonstrated towards their target state and benefit realisation.


Technology project with annual spend of almost £150m
Regulatory compliance technology governance processes fully handed over to the client with documentation and training
Resources, optimisation and facilitated under a newly-created client target operating model 5 year remediation and improvement roadmap
year remediation and improvement roadmap created, with a target of over £100m in benefits & over 50% virtualisation