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Designed and Implemented Cyber Risk Awareness Programme

Our training covers cyber risk governance, centred on mission, vision, strategy and risk. We reviewed common pitfalls that hinder governance effectiveness.


The client required a more standardized and effective governance process to reset the board and executive management roles and collaborate their attitudes towards governance risk and to generate an ethical and sustainable governance framework for its regulatory projects. The governance process was done manually and was therefore open to regulatorybreaches and prone to business-competitive advantage.


We provided a custom-built governance solution for effective and robust risk governance; for regulatory compliance reporting and analysis processes, and a highly experienced risk governance team. We managed the governance design programme from end-to- end, encompassing requirement gathering and implementation, to post-implementation C-Level training.

Cyber Governance Efficiency :

Our training covers cyber risk governance, centred on mission, vision, strategy and risk. We reviewed common pitfalls that hinder governance effectiveness. We also stress the need for clarity on what governance ought to deliver and to whom. Our training approach provides a risk aware governance framework for responsible banking.

Cyber Governance Effectiveness:

We focus on governance practical strategies with an eye towards both effectiveness and efficiency.It is for these reasons that we encourage cyber-governance to be organised around a number of main committees: nomination and ethics, audit, risk, strategy, and the evaluation and skills of senior executives.

Cyber Governance Excellence:

The Cyber Awareness training programme was developed with the support of the C-level management, which aims to ensure that common regulatory and policy goals are well understood and adhered to. It is the result of a collaboration between the board risk committee, C-level management and board of directors. NS Global’s unique collaborative responsiveness approach aims to develop a more risk-focussed and risk-aware management and board, to support their business decisions.

The Result

We benchmarked our training performance and it’s clear that our clients have achieved a competitive advantage of cyber-risk awareness of both regulatory and operational perspectives.

  • Developed an understanding of the fundamental principles of cyber risk governance and in the broader context in which banks operate.
  • Learned about the inherent tensions and pitfalls associated with cyber governance in the client financial service sector.
  • Gained a clear understanding of the cyber governance roles and responsibilities of client board members and executives, and how they collaborate to execute their mandate.
  • Learned how client’s executives and directors can work effectively with external auditors, regulators, shareholders and other stakeholders.
  • Prepared for and executed cyber governance in times of crisis and distress.
  • Grasped how to govern and implement cyber reliance across multiple subsidiaries and geographies.