C Level Strategic Advisory and Consulting


We help our clients identify and develop the leadership capacity needed to achieve specific corporate goals

As business environments shift and strategic demands evolve, many of our clients look to re-examine their leadership capacity. We focus on ensuring that the C-suite competencies are in place to execute strategy, that support is provided to bolster individual and team capabilities, and that organizations have robust talent strategies to respond to changing workplace realities.

We are a catalyst for accelerated thinking and action

Our work helping leaders develop strategic clarity relies not only on standard analytical and research disciplines but also on the more intuitive, imaginative and innovative abilities of leaders and their teams. We harness the full capabilities of your leadership team, drawing on our experience and networks to add perspective and to stimulate new ideas. We are adept in even the most difficult and complex multi-stakeholder environments.

We help our clients define and create the culture they desire to enable strategy execution

Organizations perform better when culture is aligned to strategy. Employees know where the organization is headed; understand how they fit into the strategy to get there; have the tools, capabilities, and motivation to execute; and are empowered to innovate and change. Understanding the underlying mindsets and behaviours that drive performance is critical to building the strategic agility needed in today’s complex business world.

Challenges Board Members face

Immediate access to executive level management consultants to solve your business challenges. Cerius executives are typically available within a few days to work side by side with you and your management team to solve the most challenging business problems in Operations, Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing, Sales, IT, Engineering and Human Resources. We can match your requirements with an executive management consultant who has “been there, done that” and has results to prove it.

Some of the business challenges NS Global’s management consultants have resolved for companies like yours are as below:

  • Operational Inefficiencies
  • Strategic Planning
  • New Products / Markets
  • Banking/Financing
  • Leadership Skills
  • Inadequate Management Information Systems & Reporting
  • Stagnant/Declining Revenues
  • Selling Your Company
  • Vacant Executive Position
  • Inter-Departmental Conflicts
  • Infrastructure For Growth

How does NS Global help Clients?


– Strategy & Vision:  Setting priorities and driving forward corporate plans to improve resilience (capabilities)

– Change Management:  Completely overhauling governance frameworks in highly complex environments

– Best Practice Models:  Advanced solutions to very precisestandards, specifications and governance needs

– Information Security:  Oversight for Information Security, risk, governance, business continuity & crises

– Regulatory Compliance: FCA Regulations; SOX & PCI DSS; Solvency II Directive; Basel II; COBIT 5, ISO 27001/2-5

– Consultancy Expertise:  Business / risk analysis, emerging issues, process optimization and change projects

– Subject Matter Expert:  Highly qualified (PhD Research), ‘thought leadership’ and professional accreditation

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