Disaster recovery and cyber risk consultancy

Being one of the top risk consultants in London, we offer you the proper strategies through which you can recover from a shock incidence. Most people do not understand the importance of consultancy services and may consider the fee exorbitant.  Nevertheless, we specialize in the bespoke continuity of business

as well as the management of crisis to individuals in the United Kingdom and all over the globe.
Disaster recovery in companies can also be known as the ICT service continuity.  The strategy used should ensure that there isdevelopment, implementation and the testing of measures that are deemed resilient. Doing this alongside formulating the recovery strategy means that we guarantee that the base IT, among other perquisites will be achieved. We have been the leader in disaster recovery for companies because of numerous reasons. To begin with, the services that we offer are practical as well as affordable and can be easily transferred to your staff with no negative impact on the business. Secondly, insight on your company enables us to design resilient BCMS.  Thirdly, these recovery services have been proven to be purposeful for the business continuity and finally, our team is agile and friendly.

As such, we have dealt with disaster recovery for companies in London and this has enabled us to give a full scope of the recovery services. The specialists will work with the customers in order to impact and prepare them for any type of outcome, whether good or bad. The important thing is to understand the strategy to be used in ensuring that a bad outcome does not hinder the recovery of the business. As such, some of the BC and IT DR services that we offer include continuity and recovery plans, exercise and tests, training and awareness, SME planning and packages  and ISO certification.

Apart from providing disaster recovery strategies for companies, we are also a cyber risk consultant. Nevertheless, in the assessment of the likelihood of a cyber risk, we consider cyber risk assessment as the distinguishing proof. This process ensures that we can characterize the infrastructure and determine the vulnerable points. The assessment also determines the vulnerable points in the framework. However, it is the responsibility of the cyber risk management program to organize the identified risks in terms of probability. As such, we consider a cyber risk as an event that can lead to financial losses, operation interruption or data breach.

Nevertheless, a cyber risk assessment by NS global enables you to have a proper framework for managing risks in the event that they occur. In essence, your data will be safe and will reduce the likelihood of any breach or leak of information. As a matter of fact, the strategies are in accordance with the ISO 27005, the guiding standard for risk management.

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