Why Work With Us

Shying away from hard realities is not our style. Bringing a candid pragmatism to any problem is. Sometimes we may have to tell you what’s needed, not what you want to hear. We believe you’ll thank us in the end. Our no-nonsense attitude is just one of the reasons to work with us. Here are some more.

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Guided by our
personal purpose

We are guided by our purpose, which is why companies work with, buy services from, stay with & trust NS Global Consulting services. To make the corporate world a better place through sustainable governance, we collaborate with our clients to focus on empowering

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We deliver an ethical-based governance approach

We promote an ethical governance approach within the corporate leadership community. This is at the very core of our client operations and creates high-specification risk-governance solutions.


We’re experienced
and create niche

The NS Global team have held C-level & senior roles in global organisations. We understand your business needs & the challenging sectors you work in. We have created a niche service as a governance specialist & aim to deliver the best possible value

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We’re agile

Our extensive network of collaborators means we can scale-up and scale-down quickly. We can put the right people on the job to deliver the best solutions.

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We’re flexible

Our flexible pricing model allows us to tailor projects to your specific needs. We will always find the right balance between quality, cost and risk.

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We have a strong track record

Our long-standing client relationships are testament to our value-captured approach. We have achieved success together time and time again.