‘The Cloud’ Governance

Cloud technologies have become a key driver for change management and business transformation. Cloud solutions deliver some major benefits for organisations based on cost, agility, scalability, simplicity and speed to market, especially when compared to pre-existing infrastructure-based IT solutions, networking and architecture. There has been a marked shift towards cloud platforms, though without really truly understanding the added complexities of systems integration and managing multiple cloud providers.

Global Risk Governance Consultancy Solutions

Cloud Technology Governance Consultancy

Corporations are investing heavily in secure, flexible and higher speed cloud computing solutions to bring virtualisation, faster deployment and other key benefits within a global operating environment. However, one of the main things often overlooked is the role of governance in technology investments with significant implications that could potentially undermine the organisational effectiveness and acceptable levels of risk exposure for any given organisation.

Cloud Governance Framework (Holistic Approach)

Our unique solution to cloud governance relies on a well-defined holistic approach to ably assist board members. For instance, our ‘Holistic Cloud Governance Framework‘ seeks to align corporate governance and risk strategy, while collaborating with board members to give a clear understanding of cloud computing benefits and how to maximise returns on investment using end-to-end governance best practices. This approach places cloud computing firmly within an integrated corporate technology strategy rather than an isolated project or discipline.

As cloud technology is playing an ever-increasing role in driving business performance, efficiencies and cost-effectiveness, NS Global Consulting is in a great position to help corporations make the most from investments in cloud computing technologies. An important part of our methodology is to work right through from strategy design to project execution by providing guidance and oversight for board members throughout the journey. This includes addressing business critical issues, business requirements gathering, latest solutions (technology selection), security/business continuity, risk management, regulatory compliance and adapting to a complex changing regulatory environment (i.e. notably financial services).

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our ‘Cloud Readiness Assessment Solution’ focuses on how a cloud computing environment can be integrated within an existing organisational culture and corporate structure. Cloud technologies can completely transform the ways organisations work, so we can help define roles, responsibilities and core skills required to design, plan, implement and maintain cloud solutions. NS Global Consulting also seeks to address related governance and management frameworks to maximise opportunities, efficiencies and benefits realisation. Our Systematic Readiness Assessment is designed to help board members and leadership teams identify any additional risks, costs and issues that should be factored into the decision-making process.

Driving Forward Cloud Strategy

The strategic use of cloud computing technology can be seen as a massive opportunity to complete transformation the way corporations work and serve their customers. For instance, a well-defined and executed cloud strategy can strengthen competitive positioning, deliver innovative (value added) services and change the way organisations interact with customers.

Facilitating Cloud Assurance & Vendor Governance Strategies

Cloud computing is much more than simply finding the right solution, especially given that cloud technologies must be entrusted to manage and safeguard critical assets and services without impacting day-to-day operations. Our clients benefit from help in managing supplier selection and governance processes using a transparent approach without comprising governance frameworks, regulatory compliance and corporate objectives. NS Global Consulting, therefore, provides a robust framework that includes risk assessments, compliance tests, company policies and procedural checks to identify potential threats to systems infrastructure, physical locations, employees, vendors and business activities.

Cloud Governance Solutions

(Features & Benefits)
  • Facilitating cloud computing initiatives allowing for transparency and a holistic approach to governance
  • NS Global Consulting increases learning and knowledge base regarding cloud computing technologies
  • Addressing cloud computing-related governance and compliance issues from a board perspective
  • Partnering with leading security vendors to benefit from latest tools and technologies to safeguard against threats
  • Supporting corporate strategy by ensuring the right resources are always available
  • Providing ongoing support/expertise to strengthen capabilities for managing cybersecurity risk



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