Strategic Risk Review

NS Global Consulting can help companies overcome the complexities of corporate governance, regulatory changes and emerging risks. One fundamental thing often overlooked is the importance of knowing the current situation and the ability to identify key priorities for negating such risks. By conducting a strategic risk review, our expertise can help corporations understand their current risk position and identify clear priorities through a gap analysis in relation to emerging risks and a changing global risk environment. The Strategic Gap Analysis can be construed as an ‘important health check’ adding considerable value for defining future risk strategies, setting priorities and strengthening capabilities.

Responding to Global Risk Factors (Gap Analysis)

Comprehensive Global Risk Solutions

Analysing key drivers, operational processes and inherent risks to provide a baseline from which to develop high-performance corporate governance structures, aligned to precise requirements, stakeholder expectations and corporate vision. Our expertise in delivering transformation helps create a competitive advantage and added value through risk optimisations and strategic alignment.

Strategic Risk Assessment (360 Holistic Assessment)

The Strategic Gap Analysis gives a 360-Degree Holistic Assessment to determine whether existing governance practices are fit for purpose and what needs to be done. This includes examining the level of maturity against own governance standards, risk frameworks and recognised industry best practices. Our Strategic Gap Analysis covers critical areas, but is not exclusively limited to:

  • Executive Board Roles in Governance and Strategy
  • Strategic Steering Committee (i.e. Risk, Audit & IT Committees)
  • Corporate Governance and Associated Frameworks
  • Policy Learning and Implementation Gaps
  • Risk Maturity and Control Assurance
  • Regulatory Requirements and Compliance
  • Developing Expertise and Skills (Key Skills Gaps / Knowledge Base)

Strategic Risk Gap Analysis & Future Roadmap

Expertise in evaluating corporations within the wider global risk environment context allows us to use the Strategic Gap Analysis to outline future strategies (roadmap) for achieving long-term vision and goals. Our pragmatic approach to enterprise governance, risk assurance and board-level accountabilities gives corporations the opportunity to build, develop and execute robust strategies with clarity and focus. This allows us to help organisations deploy cost-effective solutions with tangible results (benefits realisation), all stemming from the Strategic Risk Review & Gap Risk Assessment. Our holistic approach and gap analysis also impact corporations through the following solutions:

  • Corporate Governance, Policy Frameworks & Risk Assurance
  • IT Governance and Assurance
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Cyber Security Governance
  • Cloud Technology Governance
  • Board Governance Leadership Training
  • Regulatory Compliance and Audit Readiness
  • Strategic Risk Review(Gap Analysis & Future Roadmap)

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