Regulatory Compliance

Business transformation on a global scale often poses new challenges and risks. Enterprises must achieve the right balance between effective controls, process efficiencies and systems optimisation. The idea is to mitigate risk through improved visibility and consistent quality, while cost-effectively adding value for the business. Companies which achieve an optimal balance are often better positioned to see investments become truly transformational in a wider global operating environment.

Regulatory Risk & Business Transformation

For organisations under the control of a government or industry regulator, NS Global Consulting is able to transform enterprises by providing essential support, strategic guidance and assurance to manage regulatory risks. An ever-changing regulatory environment means organisations must continually evaluate, manage and control existing and future regulatory risk. We are able to offer a more proactive approach to monitoring regulatory changes, analyse gaps and implement optimal strategies to achieve regulatory or market compliance on a global, international, regional or local market scale depending on business requirements.

Corporate Risk Consultancy Solutions

Our Approach to Regulatory Compliance

NS Global Consulting adopts a proportionate approach to prioritising higher risks and key regulatory compliance elements without undermining existing business activities or strategic plans. We apply a ‘soft’ approach to empowering board executives/business leaders to make ‘risk-based value judgements’ to help optimise the business operating model and validate whether it stands up to regulatory scrutiny. For instance, we assess fairness in treating clientele relative to standards of industry integrity, thereby only intervening when we observe inappropriate behaviour or where we believe there have been incidences of unfair treatment.

Stakeholder & Investor Confidence

Regulatory risk management and compliance plays a critical role in building and maintaining both stakeholder and investor confidence, which can help unlock valuable business insights, decision-making accountabilities and governance frameworks. Our Regulatory Compliance & Reporting Solution focuses on helping medium to large companies, multinationals and global corporations achieve regulatory standards in countries where they do business. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of experienced Regulatory Risk Consultants who understand complexities of managing business within tightly-regulated environments by knowing specific rules, regulations and conformance to standards.

Regulatory Compliance Audit Readiness Service

Risk, governance and compliance have never been higher on the boardroom agenda, especially as board executives face ever-growing pressure and accountability from stakeholders and investors. However, many executive boards do not appreciate the critical importance of corporate governance and risk assurance in decision-making and the opportunities to extract maximum value from regulatory compliance, while at the same time significantly reducing exposure to potential enterprise risks.

Board Executive Training & Audit Awareness

Our specialist consultants support board executives from enhanced training, awareness and insights to strengthen audit compliance functions and capabilities. NS Global Consulting aims to provide cost-effective solutions to manage risk assurance, audit requirements and regulatory compliance by giving access to our extensive knowledge base, substantial expertise and recognised best practice methods to improve audit readiness. Our consultants also have relevant industry and technical knowledge to deliver high specification solutions in a complex audit / regulatory environment.

Benefits Realisation

(Main Features)

Thought Leadership

Providing ‘thought leadership’ by driving forward the debate on emerging corporate governance, risk assurance and regulatory compliance issues. Growing representation on professional and government bodies, means we are in the right place to raise concerns from our clients in a constructive forum in the presence of key influencers, business leaders and regulatory authorities.

Proactive Approach

Proactively addressing regulatory issues and audit compliance on behalf of clients to deliver tangible results and benefits realisation. This is in stark contrast to completely reactive approaches offered by other organisations which invariably have weaker corporate governance frameworks (i.e. reactive ‘fire fighting’ approaches are not an option, especially given the changing nature of global risk exposure).

Clear Outcomes

Maximising strategic, competitive and operational benefits resulting from regulatory change, whilst reducing costs associated with implementing regulatory compliance.

Global Benchmarking & Best Practice

Providing independent, objective and collaborative approaches to regulatory compliance. This includes global benchmarking, sharing best practice and making clear recommendations to ensure comprehensive solutions and robust regulatory reporting frameworks.

Added Benefit Expectations

  • Clear roadmap for regulatory compliance as a strategic asset rather than a tick box exercise
  • Creating added value for corporations through ethical governance and regulatory compliance
  • Independent regulatory compliance assurance, industry benchmarking and ongoing support
  • Assessing risk profiles and impacts of new regulations to match current a future regulatory needs
  • Effectiveness reviews of risk / compliance departments, including risk policies and regulatory reporting
  • Developing optimal value optimisation, risk-based compliance control and monitoring frameworks
  • Cultural acceptance within organisations to improve importance of regulation and compliance
  • Evaluating strategic implications of new regulations, plus integration into corporate business model
  • Strategic guidance in achieving regulatory standards / expectations, plus dealing with regulatory relations
  • Guidance on achieving regulatory approval from the industry regulator, including managing key relations
  • Supporting regulatory enforcement, remediation and monitoring to ensure full regulatory compliance
  • Board Governance Reviews to analyse the design / effectiveness of Risk Frameworks / Operational Risk
  • Implementing recognised industry best practice models – includes applying Agile Compliance Functions

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