Fraud Risk Governance

NS Global Consulting is able to provide a ‘current state assessment’ by independently reviewing existing anti-fraud frameworks, operational processes and internal controls to deliver a ‘holistic view’ or gap analysis. The idea is to determine whether existing fraud risk governance frameworks are fit for purpose and to validate potential gaps, emerging issues and fraud risk exposure. We collaborate with Senior Management Teams right across the organisation to examine the current state of critical elements within the context of an anti-fraud environment.

A Collective Responsibility for Corporate Governance

‘Achieving good corporate governance is not solely the responsibility of the directors, investors and regulators; it should be a core objective of senior management. Poor corporate governance weakens a company’s potential and at the worst can pave the way for financial difficulties and even fraud’.

Fraud Risk Governance Best Practice Solutions

Fraud Risk Management & Assessment

Traditional enterprise risk assessment often approaches link risk exposure to corporate objectives directly. With this, the real impact of fraud is often overlooked unless tackling fraud itself is one of those key objectives. Our Fraud Risk Assessment Model expands on traditional approaches by establishing a Value Added / Risk Aware Collaborative Framework for evaluating internal controls, operational processes and inherent risk. We proactively support organisations in efforts on fraud prevention, detection and emerging risks at every level by incorporating fraud risk governance with employee training, fraud audits, fraud monitoring programmes and so on.

Fraud Risk Governance: Executive Training Solutions

NS Global Consulting offers an extensive training portfolio for executive leaders and senior management teams to suit changing needs of the organisation. Bespoke training solutions may include anything from Introductory Fraud Awareness Training to formal Risk Workshops. Our collaborative approach seeks to bring together board members and executive management from different areas of the business to significantly raise fraud risk awareness across the entire organisation and help further strengthen the culture towards fraud risk identification, prevention and key actions across global operations and functional areas.

Benefits Realisation (Main features)

Fraud Risk Governance Solutions: Key Benefits

Incidences of corporate fraud and misconduct remain a constant threat to undermining public trust, corporate reputation and building confidence within financial markets. We assist enterprises in achieving compliance given new anti-fraud laws, regulations and corporate responsibilities. Changing regulations do not necessarily prescribe how these controls are to be designed, so NS Global Consulting is able to provide critical help, guidance and advice on this area within a wider fraud governance framework. Key benefits include:

  • Understanding fraud and misconduct risks potentially undermining corporate business objectives
  • Evaluating anti-fraud programmes and effective controls in reducing instances of fraud and misconduct
  • Insights on how best to design, evaluate and implement robust controls to deal with fraud and misconduct
  • Reducing exposure to corporate liability, sanctions and litigation from violating laws or market expectations
  • Practical value from compliance investments using a sustainable process to managing risk and performance
  • Maximising levels of business integrity using sound corporate governance, internal controls and transparency

NS Global Consulting: How Can We Help?

  • A consistent approach employing both strategic and collaborative risk governance methodologies
  • Independent / objective assessments of anti-fraud risk governance strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommendations for strengthening and improving anti-fraud risk governance frameworks
  • Partnering organisations on strengthening anti-fraud resilience, capabilities and risk governance



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