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Leadership and Risk Awareness Training Proposal

Our training and draevelopment services focus on real-world challenges faced by executives. We work with our clients individuals, teams, and organisations to resolve their issues, build capabilities and prepare for the future. NS Global Consulting attcts outstanding organisations that combine thought leadership and practical experience. Run like a business, not only as a research-based consultancy; our team adopts a relentlessly design-based problem-solving approach to create lasting value and impact.

Research-based excellence executive education training programme with a global perspective

Based in UK and USA, NS Global shares its host nations’ commitment to excellence while offering a unique global experience.
Associated with top research-oriented academic institutions together with a global organisational perspective we are intellectually and culturally diverse with no single dominant nationality and no one worldview.

Our ‘out of the box’ thinking adopts to a changing global risk environment along with critically evaluating designed-thinking-based case study scenarios; global benchmarking; evaluating leading-edge solutions are all important factors to consider. This is of special importance when dealing with emerging issues and designing fit for purpose strategic risk governance frameworks.

Placing everything into context, the company have developed a unique shared-values stakeholder responsiveness learning mechanism as part of delivering the ‘NS Global Consulting Governance & Leadership training programme’ for executive leaders.

Key Feature:

Learning and Development components

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International Insights

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Thinking on Governance

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Global Governance
& Learning Mechanisms

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Governance and
Board Reputation

Customised Training and learning according to academic and professional requirements

Risk & Corporate Governance ROUNDTABLE

NS Global roundtable, convening annually, brings together academics and researchers and key players to wrestle with a range of issues regarding learning and development at individual, corporate, global and strategic levels.

Executive Member – Coaching and Mentoring programme

‘Governance-Readiness Mentoring Programme’
Our Governance-Readiness Mentoring Programme supports a wider Board Development Programme by offering a tailored approach for board leaders and senior executives to strengthen board-level decision-making competencies covering corporate strategy, governance, finance and corporate affairs amongst other key areas. This enables board executives to acquire the prerequisite skills, competencies and knowledge base to achieve a measure of corporate and regulatory governance benchmarks. Underpinning this is the need for board members to perform as competent, confident and integral members of the Executive Leadership Team.

Executive – Development & Mentoring Programme (Benefits)

  • Contextualising decision-making scenarios for addressing problems and finding solutions to governance issues.
  • Unique approach, based on extensive research in the designed thinking oriented form of governance training. Increasing effectiveness of executive boards at building positive relationships and optimising processes
  • Examining the most relevant strategic and organisational issues facing executive leaders and boards today
  • Using latest techniques, innovative thinking and best practice models (applying unique, leading-edge approaches)
  • We provide a central hub for risk governance research and critical ‘thought leadership.
  • Understanding the broader context in which boards operate and the responsibilities that come as a director with a governance mandate
  • Benefit from pragmatic practices and competencies expected from directors in today’s integrated governance frameworks
  • Honing abilities to constructively challenge executives through positive exchanges focused on the key issues that underpin corporate performance
  • Leveraging knowledge, skills, and experience to impact the board’s unique mission, whether a Non-Executive Director or Board Member



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