Enterprise Risk Strategy

Economic losses, damaged reputations and corporate failures through unforeseen market forces are a constant threat to organisations. Not even the most enlightened companies could have predicted how difficult the recent economic climate and trading conditions would have affected their businesses. Managing enterprise risk is not a new concept or wisdom, though within the current climate existing risk models or ERM frameworks appear flawed. This is because they fail to take into account the true reality given the increased complexity of risk and changing market dynamics.

Enterprise Risk Management Solutions

Enterprise Risk Governance Model

Current trends have seen global enterprises establish risk structures within ‘silo units’ to address different elements of regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, privacy, cloud technology, operational risk, financial risk and corporate governance for each of these areas. NS Global Consulting is able to eliminate this silo mentality by integrating each risk component within a single unified framework to deliver an effective risk management governance framework and strategic approach.

Enterprise Risk Management Governance Framework

Starting in the Boardroom and working right across the entire organisation, NS Global Consulting is able to analyse the different components of enterprise risk management, covering corporate strategy, operational, financial, information, reputational and regulatory risk factors. Whether a regulatory breach, failure of internal controls or other scenarios, we have the required expertise to limit potential impacts to your organisation. We also seek to remove such threats if there is an advantage to be gained from doing this.

Enterprise Risk Management Strategy

Enterprise Risk Management is a critical business function that offers important guidance and direction, while also adding substantial value to an organisation. Combining strategic, governance and structured decision-making frameworks often add value to strategic thinking within the context of an Information Risk Management Programme. We aim to drive your Enterprise Risk Strategy by analysing future requirements and long-term direction to ensure alignment with leading best practice models, standards and methods as recognised by the Global Information Risk Management Community.

Risk Oversight Board / Committee Reporting Framework

NS Global Consulting delivers an important solution to ensure board oversight and steering committees behave and perform as specified within the Enterprise Risk Strategy Framework. For this to happen effectively, we analyse stakeholder needs, expectations and accountabilities in relation to the successful operation of Board-Level Committees. Therefore, to perform effectively in a proactive, constructive and collaborative manner, we work with high-level committees on developing KPI metrics (key performance indicators), including:

  • Number of key business stakeholders represented in Risk Oversight Board / Committee
  • Effectiveness of strategic and tactical guidance provided by the Risk Oversight Board / Committee

Enterprise Risk Management / ERM Framework Standards

To fully analyse, identify and manage enterprise risk management we help establish a useful framework to apply a consistent set of methods, practices, procedures and standards covering information management and business risk. Our holistic approach facilitates optimal risk management methodologies, best practice models and quality assurance standards, incorporating:

  • Adoption rate of methods, practices, procedures and standards by your intended user base
  • Maturity levels compared to capabilities and applying enterprise risk management standards
  • New capabilities introduced to enhance overall enterprise risk management capabilities
  • Clearly defining enterprise risk management appetite aligned with business objectives
  • Implementing robust control processes and risk mitigation techniques across the enterprise

Enterprise Risk Awareness & Stakeholder Management

NS Global Consulting helps corporations achieve a strategic advantage through effective stakeholder engagement by educating key stakeholders on developing a ‘risk-aware / value-driven’ culture encompassing all levels within an organisation. This allows organisations to place risk management and appetite towards risk exposure right at the very heart of the business. Rather than overlooking risk, it is a matter of understanding known / emerging risks for corporations to identify best enterprise risk management strategy and best approaches to deal with risk effectively in an informed, diligent and consistent way.

Benefits Realisation

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Enterprise Risk Management Solution: Key Benefits

Our holistic Enterprise Risk Management Solution enables organisations to identify, evaluate and define strategies to mitigate future IT / enterprise risks within a sustainable governance framework. The idea is to strengthen capabilities to guide, educate and inform the Executive Board, Risk Committee Members and Senior Leaders by giving the necessary decision-making tools, techniques and frameworks to help manage enterprise risk more effectively.

Enterprise Risk Management Principles

Managing strategic decision-making effectiveness using Enterprise Risk Management principles in the context of meeting changing IT, operational and cyber security requirements.

Board-Level Decision-Making Oversight

Gaining a better understanding of how to identify and manage both IT and non-IT risks, including how best to communicate enterprise risk exposure amongst board-level decision makers.

Risk Exposure & Risk Appetite

Linking enterprise governance frameworks to risk exposure / appetite through the developing of key risk indicators (KRIs) as part of executive board reporting requirements.

Enterprise Risk Governance Framework

Continual review / monitoring of enterprise risk management responsibilities, roles and accountabilities within the wider context of a sustainable enterprise risk management governance framework.

Global Best Practice Standards

Developing common standards, frameworks and lines of communication to help collaboration right across the organisation amongst stakeholders responsible for IT, risk, operations, compliance and assurance.

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