Cyber Security Governance

Operating in technology-driven environments and within a global context means board leadership has to adapt organisations and develop new perspectives for taking control of cybersecurity issues and managing cyber threats. We firmly believe cybersecurity risk management should be taken seriously and incorporated into all activities regardless of size or nature of the organisation, especially when mitigating both external and internal threats. This implies a major rethink in terms of how organisations can keep their most valuable assets, information and intellectual property safe.

Strategic, Collaborative & Sustainable Solutions

NS Global Consulting offers strategic, collaborative and sustainable solutions for dealing with cybersecurity risks, not only now but using a framework for anticipating future needs. Our expertise allows organisations to develop best practice models and cybersecurity governance programmes tailored to specific requirements proven to build trust, safeguard assets and improve reputation in a borderless world. Our solutions are specifically designed to give organisations much greater control of compliance requirements for nullifying threats to business activities around the world.

Global Risk Governance Consultancy Solutions

Facilitating Board Understanding of Cyber Security Risk

Most board members are financially savvy, commercially aware and understand decision-making processes, though they may lack a deeper knowledge of technology and innovative solutions for managing cybersecurity risk. There is often heavy reliance on Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers and the like to provide core expertise, insights and perspectives on IT risk management. Therefore, depending on the size, scope and nature of your organisation, we can adapt solutions to different circumstances by guiding executive-level boards/committees on cybersecurity issues and bringing the right level of expertise to facilitate board-level decision-making.

Well-informed board leaders have realised there is an opportunity to fundamentally rethink how cyber security is approached and managing associated risks within their organisations. To facilitate this, we actively encourage Executive Leadership Teams to set the agenda around enhancing security and determining whether Executive Boards & Committees should ultimately have cybersecurity risk oversight responsibility.

Insights & Strategy for Cyber Security Governance

Gaining greater insights and understanding about vulnerabilities, potential threats and information security controls can help strengthen your organisational capabilities by employing effective procedures for governance, risk and compliance. Our Cyber Risk Consultancy Solutions enable organisations to gain critical insights into cyber security and information risk. This is achieved through business analysis, assessments, diagnosis and audits of data protection, critical infrastructure and application of SMART technologies. We like to work collaboratively with clients to define optimal strategies, target operating models and robust governance structures to enable security design and related operations to underpin wider strategic objectives and business continuity requirements.

Cyber Security Compliance

Cybersecurity strategies must make provision for ‘adequate and reasonable levels of assurance’, which completes the security perspective when combined with governance and management disciplines. The company provides clients with a holistic approach to information security assurance and cyber security assurance alongside a comprehensive set of controls, audit compliance and periodic reviews.

Data Governance & Information Assurance Challenges

  • Evaluating how organisations manage and control data as a core asset
  • Ownership and control of data assets and processes within the organisation
  • Assessing critical investments in IT architecture and data management systems
  • Understanding growing data governance and information assurance complexities
  • Knowing where data is stored, who has access to it and potential risks of losing client data



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