Corporate Governance / Risk Assurance Consultancy Solutions. Recent corporate failures increased shareholder accountability and the pressing need for greater transparency has kept corporate governance and assurance in the spotlight. The importance of risk assurance oversight, boardroom decision-making and frequently changing compliance regulations clearly demonstrates the need for sustainable solutions and effective governance structures. We seek to design high resilience corporate governance frameworks by capturing precise requirements, overcoming significant challenges in a global risk environment and translating these elements into optimal solutions for clients. Our high-performance solutions match changing dynamics and aim to provide solid foundations by understanding key drivers and implementing latest global best practice in the corporate governance and assurance arena.

Corporate Governance Model & Risk Assurance Solutions

Corporate Governance Strategy Compliance

Analysing key drivers, operational processes and inherent risks to provide a baseline from which to develop high-performance corporate governance structures, aligned to precise requirements, stakeholder expectations and corporate vision. Our expertise in delivering transformation helps create a competitive advantage and added value through risk optimisations and strategic alignment.

Corporate Governance Compliance

Our solutions are designed to help corporations directly comply with specific regulatory obligations. Regulatory compliance and governance assurance is an essential strategic requirement, so businesses need to leverage regulatory environments to maximise opportunities and ultimately deliver a competitive advantage. This includes global benchmarking compliance risk best practice models, policy development and ‘thought leadership’ for aligning internal controls, risk frameworks and monitoring to safeguard against future compliance risks.

Board Effectiveness Reviews

A comprehensive review of board-related activities, decision-making oversight and corporate governance accountabilities. The idea is to define roles, responsibilities and accountabilities to strengthen capabilities, while adapting to different decision-making scenarios and helping executives manage board-level relationships more effectively.

Stakeholder Reviews

Every corporation has its unique context, so requiring customised governance frameworks and decision-support systems. Decisions very much rely on stakeholder interactions, decision-making complexities and external factors beyond the control of organisations.

Developing Governance Expertise

We have developed our ‘Shared Stakeholder Responsiveness Model’ aimed at delivering the ‘NS Global Consulting Governance Learning Programme’ for executive leaders. The programme supports Executive Learning & Development at the executive leadership level within organisations by providing tried/tested frameworks and practical tools to sharpen decision-making, hone judgement and build competencies for success in the executive boardroom.

Corporate Risk Governance & Assurance

(Features & Benefits)
  • Understanding the broader context of board-level roles and accountabilities
  • Improving knowledge and competencies of directors and C-level Executives
  • Creating a high-performance board-level culture by developing specific skills
  • Constructively challenging executives to deliver positive outcomes
  • Improving stakeholder / executive board relationships and decision-making
  • Implementing a best practice model to strengthen board-level capabilities
  • Improving effectiveness to raise standards and apply governance principles

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