Board Leadership Training

Given regulatory changes, adverse publicity from corporate failures and reduced public confidence, this means greater attention on boardroom accountability. Board governance training becomes an essential ingredient in educating executive leaders on corporate governance, risk management (appetite) and decision-making responsibilities. Now more than ever, executive leaders need to understand critical roles of fiduciary, legal and ethical leadership oversight as part of their job remit.

Bespoke Leadership Training Programmes

Placing everything into context, we have developed a unique ‘Shared Values Stakeholder Responsiveness Framework’ as part of delivering the ‘NS Global Consulting Governance & Leadership Learning Programme’ for executive leaders. The integrated solution combines a powerful, pragmatic approach and strategic insights for delivering a ‘top-level’ executive learning experience for corporate board members. This helps facilitate board governance training and gives that added awareness, confidence and assurance for taking important decisions affecting entire organisations.

Executive Board Governance & Leadership Training Solutions

Strategic Insights

This evaluates whether the corporate strategy is sound, fit for purpose and profitable. Executive boards are ultimately responsible for company performance and long-term strategic direction. Equally, executive leaders must fix things when organisations experience difficult periods, or things go wrong. Our solutions help executive boards explore ways of collaborating as a team and working constructively with management teams across the business to often solve complex issues while avoiding negative impacts on corporate reputation and a falling share price.

Governance & Learning Mechanisms

Governance can add value in a number of ways, especially when deployed as a learning tool rather than a barrier to success in achieving corporate objectives. Our approach is to understand complex governance issues and challenges facing many organisations by customising and contextualising board learning experiences. This is to develop stronger expertise in driving overall governance strategy, delivering robust frameworks and ensuring ongoing conformance.

Dynamics of Influence

We aim to make executive board meetings more effective by providing essential frameworks required to enhance discussion, constructive challenge and decision-making effectiveness. By establishing clear guidelines, rules and procedures, NS Global Consulting can help ensure board meeting are conducted more efficiently with clearly defined outcomes and benefit expectations.

Impact of Regulations on the Core Mission

There is often much uncertainty on how best to adapt organisations to meet changing rules, regulations and standards and ensure ongoing compliance. Our training solutions help examine latest financial reporting requirements and executive compensation alongside developing a comprehensive roadmap for responding proactively to increasing levels of shareholder activism, greater media attention and the need to maintain a strong reputation in the business.

Board Governance: Crisis Management

It is extremely important to ‘build-in’ contingency plans so executive leaders can react effectively to unexpected crises. NS Global Consulting aims to strengthen capabilities by exploring relevant strategies for dealing with unforeseen emergencies that could potentially undermine or even significantly harm organisations. Such scenarios could include the departure of an influential leader (i.e. CEO or main figurehead of a company), hostile or friendly takeovers, environmental catastrophes, shareholder fraud, employee misconduct or other gross negligence.

Board Reputation Management

Reputation can result from many different perspectives. It can be hard to achieve, yet so easy to lose in a global operating environment. Our solutions evaluate different perspectives, address challenges and define strategies for enhancing corporate reputation. This includes opportunities to shape long-term thinking, tactical approaches and day-to-day operational decisions directly or indirectly impacting reputation on corporate reputation from a board perspective. We also evaluate board level accountabilities and responsibilities in relation to strengthening overall reputation aligned to emerging best practice board reputation management, oversight and engagement. One of the most important things to take away from our Board Reputation Management Programme is how to best use a ‘Reputational Lens’ as a framework for defending strategic decisions.

NS Global Consulting ‘Governance-Readiness Mentoring Programme’

Our Governance-Readiness Mentoring Programme supports a wider Board Development Programme by offering a tailored approach for board leaders and senior executives to strengthen board-level decision-making competencies covering corporate strategy, governance, finance and corporate affairs amongst other key areas. This enables board executives to acquire the prerequisite skills, competencies and knowledge base to achieve a measure of corporate and regulatory governance benchmarks. Underpinning this is the need for board members to perform as competent, confident and integral members of the Executive Leadership Team.

Board Development & Mentoring Programme (Benefits)

  • Contextualising decision-making scenarios for addressing problems and finding solutions on governance issues.
  • Learning how effective executive boards can be at building positive relationships and optimising processes
  • Examining the most relevant strategic and organisational issues facing executive leaders and boards today
  • Using latest techniques, innovative thinking and best practice models (applying unique, leading-edge approaches)
  • NS Global Consulting provides a central hub for risk governance research and critical ‘thought leadership.’
  • Understanding the broader context in which boards operate and the responsibilities that come with a director as governance mandate
  • Benefit from pragmatic practices and competencies expected from directors in today’s integrated governance frameworks
  • Honing abilities to constructively challenge executives through positive exchanges focused on the key issues that underpin corporate performance
  • Leveraging knowledge, skills and experience to impact the board’s unique mission, whether a Non-Executive Director or Board Member
  • Knowing when to seek advice from outside consultants and when to rely on own judgments and experience

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